Friday, May 29, 2009

Weekend Thoughts

So....what are you doing this weekend? I have been up to my ears in moving my office. I had my office located in the third bedroom of my home, but completely outgrew it.

This week I've spent some time (way too much time) moving and rearranging and personalizing........and all those things that go into relocating an office. The great news is that my studio and my office are all in one space now - along with my shipping center! I absolutely am thrilled to have one location - I was pretty tired of traipsing up and down the stairs everytime I needed something.'s a little sneak peek at the beginning stages. I'm a bit embarrassed to show you, so please be kind. I hope to be able to show the after pic sometime in the next week. That is............if I get it done.

til next time......


Monday, May 11, 2009

Your Brand and Your Colors

What does your choice of colors for your branding say about your business? Successful companies know that they can make a statement using color, such as UPS (brown), IBM (blue). Are you using warm colors or cool? Are you sending an energetic message or a calmer, more reserved message?

I recently came across an interesting article by John Williams of Take a moment and read through the universal meanings of colors and think about the message YOUR branding color is sending. Are you conveying the message you want? Does your brand color accurate portray YOUR business?

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mother's Day Shop Hop

Join us for fun and prizes
May 4th - 10th
Lots of great Prizes - No purchase necessary to play! Just find the shopping bags on the MMP Boutique sites and enter into a drawing to win the associated prize!

MMP Shop Hops are a type of contest where you try to find as many MMP “shopping bags” as you can. Each of our participating boutiques (see the list ) has hidden a shopping bag image on its website that says, “You Found It!” on the tag. Click this image to return to Make Mine Pink and get credit for finding it. The more bags you find, the better your chances of winning great prizes. See the prize list below to see what you can win!

Anyone (excluding MMP members and employees) can register to play. There is no cost and no obligation to purchase anything. However, if you do happen to find some products you might be interested in, don't forget to bookmark those pages so that you can come back later! Good luck!

Start by registering here and then just find the shopping bags on the MMP Boutique sites and enter into a drawing to win the associated prize! Have fun and good luck!

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Friday, May 1, 2009

Pink Friday

Welcome to May! Yes, it is already the month of May. I personally love this month. I love the cool morning temps, the arrival of shy Spring flowers that poke their heads through the Earth to greet the sun. I love how the birds are so busy finding jus the right spot to build their new homes and introduce their mates. Yes, I love Spring.
Don't forget to check out all the lovely offerings at the boutiques of Make Mine Pink. Today is Pink Friday - Romantic Delights. If there is one thing you are sure to find at the Make Mine Pink Boutiques, it is sure to be romance. Take a few moments to check it out - you'll be glad you did!
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