Thursday, September 9, 2010


There's no doubt there are many "big" things in life about which to get excited. Seriously, what about weddings, birthdays, birth days of babies, travel. Well, just so many wonderful things.

Sometimes it's just the silliest, simplest little thing to put a smile on my face. Just the other day I found something small to get excited about. Really small (no, not velvet jewelry box kind of small!). I came across something at Wal-Mart and couldn't resist. Here's what I found..........

Composition books! Oh yes, and only 25 little cents each! Why, I wanted to scoop up about a 100 of them. But, alas, I settled for just 4 - $1.00 worth.
What a great $1.00 find! Better than any dollar store if you ask me.
So, why is this worthy of a blog post? Only because it's a reminder to always find joy in the little things. Make every day about finding a bit of seemingly mundance life to make into a celebration. No, I'm not so crazy as to plan a party around my find. But, I am crazy enough to share it with you!
Go out and get a few of your own Composition Books. They're fun........and cheap !
til next time..............