Sunday, March 29, 2009

Show and Tell, Monday March 30th

So....what's in store for today? I have something fun I would like to share with you. Back in the day.......LOL, I used to collect quilts. I would collect old quilts in good condition and in cutter condition; I would collect newer quilts; I've made a few quilts; I've collected coverlets; and so it goes.

I realized lately (as I've been purging), that I neatly folded and stored many of my quilts upon moving to this house four years ago. I keep a few out and use them regularly, but so many have been relegated to "the closet".

I'm thinking about letting many of these quilts go and thought I would share them with you first.

Here's a pic of the closet doors opened........

...and here are some pics of the individual shelves.

My DH and his daughter will be setting up at an antique market in a couple weeks and he would like to take them. I'm thinking I'll let him - or maybe I should post them for sale. I don't know. It's going to take a bit of thought, but it's probably time to let them go.

well..........til next time..........


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Show and Tell Monday - March 23

Hi All!

Well, I am officially starting my regular blogging here at Business in THE Bag. I have sooooo many exciting new ideas and products that I will be developing and sharing with you.

Today I just have to show you something I am VERY excited about. I have redesigned all my own branding. Here are a few pics of my new logo and branded materials.

I will be changing out my web site as well, although this will take just a bit more time.
I was directed to a wonderful, informative blog, Modish, just the other day. Have you stopped in? Well, Jena Coray, has some great biz info there. I cannot agree with her more when she said "...branding is the most essential tool you have for the success of your business". How true.

What are you doing to brand your business? To stand out from the crowd?

...til next time


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pink Friday - One of a Kind Treasures

Please join me and so many of my dear friends at Make Mine Pink as we celebrate the beginning of Spring with One Of A Kind Treasures. You were used to finding my special goodies at Clutter Bug Studio, but that has all changed.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to my new sister site, Esprit de Joie. This new site allows me to continue to share with you very special one-of-a-kind goodes made from my heart, by my hands. You will find a small selection of delectibles that called to my heart to be created. I hope you will stop by to visit and introduce yourself.
Please also hop on over to Make Mine Pink for the Pink Friday fun. My friends have stocked their boutiques with beautiful items - WILL be tempted!

...with a joyful heart...


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Welcome, my friends to my new Business in THE Bag blog site. I look forward to sharing many newsworthy items with you this year. Perhaps a tidbit about branding or marketing your business, perhaps a preview of new products being introduced at Business in THE Bag, perhaps just a sharing of a cute story or pic. I hope to visit with you from time to time.

As the calendar shifts, the joyful march into spring begins, a cacophony of bird calls fills the blue skies, the trees show their fresh green buds, and the tulips start to poke their heads from the earth to face the sunshine. Colors are about to burst forth, and the earth will be new again.

For the Boutiques at Make Mine Pink, spring cleaning is over, and we would love to show off our fresh new colors and exciting spring merchandise.

Please join me and my friends for our "March Into Spring" Shop Hop from March 16 through March 21, 2009. The shop hop is open to anyone that would like to participate (limit one registration per physical address). Please register if you would like to participate.