Thursday, August 26, 2010

Birds of a Feather

"No matter where we live, or what the season, our feathered friends inspire accessories and decor that create eternal springtime in our homes."

Everywhere I look are the beautiful images of birds, fresh perspectives and vintage images alike. What is our fascination with this winged creatures that soar above the earth with unparalleled freedom? How riveting are their songs, their nestings. How delightful to watch the hatching of Spring babies.

Please join Business In THE Bag, Esprit de Joie, and my friends at Make Mine Pink for this Fridays special shopping theme........Birds of a Feather. I'm sure you will find a fine feathered friend to treasure.

til next time.................

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How Sad!

Well, it is sad, truly sad, to feel so neglected and forgotten. Me? No, not me. My blog. Poor little blog sitting out there in a lonely world wishing for someone to show up and update.

I'm here at last. It is time get back on track and reach out once again. I have a new energy surrounding this little blog - a new attitude, as they say. My new goal is to bring you worthy subjects for your review.

Business In THE Bag (BITB, for short) is all about branding your business - making an unforgettable statement about what your business is, what it does, and more. Now, there's no way BITB can tell you who you are, but we can certainly help you find your own cohesive brand. We can help you be "remembered".

So please join me as I make this new commitment to bring you more information that you can use the build your personal brand. If you have not yet signed up for our newsletter, please do so. I will be sending monthly email newsletters to share much of this information.

So, until next time.............