Friday, October 16, 2009

Office Management

Earlier today I had the opportunity to view an Office Manager at work.
My friend, Gail, of Gail Friend Designs is a very busy woman and found it necessary to hire some help to keep her office running smoothly.
Now.....don't tell Gail this, but I fear her Office Manager is "sleeping" on the job.
I have a fair amount of experience in this regard.
Here's a pic of my own Office Manager. Note the similarities!

til next time............


  1. LOL Carol... thanks for the laugh. If you noticed I turned the calculator on so a "0" would be on. LOl You made my day. (())gail

    PS: Jag looks almost as helpful as Lucy!

  2. Adorable!
    They seam to be 'on top' of everything needed :)

    Very cute Carol... great giggles.

  3. And my office manager thought I would never find out! Humpf. No wonder there is an occasional fur ball on the calculator...


  4. My office manager works just as hard as yours. LOL

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