Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday night thought.

Well, of course, I should be all snuggled in bed for the night, but here I am at my computer as are so many of my friends. What keeps us up at night? Thoughts, of course. But, what thoughts?

Sometimes it's worry about the never-ending list of "to-do's", sometimes anticipation of something exciting about to happen the next day, or day after, sometimes it's our creative minds that just refuse to turn off, sometimes it's worry over the health and well-being of a loved one or special friend.

Whatever keeps us up at night, we have to fight the fight - not let this insomnia win. Sleep is so nurturing, restorative, and just..................well, nice! I always feel better after a good night's sleep, don't you?

So, tell me. How do you wage this battle? What tricks and tips do you use to turn off the thinking machine and get some zzzzz's? Pray tell, do share.


  1. LOL,,, I actually somehow fall asleep with my brain still going, and it makes for some very weird dreams. I can be asleep for 5 minutes and already dreaming. Aagghh
    I love, love and super love the new brief cases, especially Simone. Just gorgeous!

    (your velvet bunny was adorable too!) Hugs, gail

  2. Oh Carol I am with you on the sleeping, I normally go off quite well then am wide awake at 3:00am. Tired going to bed later, warm lavender bath but no 3:10 on the dot, anyone have a sledge hammer?

  3. I find lavendar oil does work for me, to calm me down. I rub some of it on my body as well as on my nose tip!!

    Pei Li

  4. My brain runs all night too. It's not very often that I actually sleep through the night. One trick: I have a pad and pen by my bed so I can write down things I think of and get them off my mind.
    Great new bags and sweet bunny you are offering!

  5. I wish I had an answer for you I have run on about 4-5 hours sleep a night since I was about 16. Although once a month I sleep most of the day. My body just won't go anymore. I always wonder they say the older you get the least amount of sleep you will need. How can it get to be less then 4-6 hours? Hmmm oh well I just cuddle with a blanket on the couch and put in a love story.
    Have a great week, and I love your new bags!
    hugs sassy gail of

  6. I know the feeling all too well, Carol. A drop of lavender oil on a tissue under my pillow is a favorite trick. It really does help promote a restful, relaxing sleep. I also enjoy a sleep/dream pillow most every night but the lavender oil is for those tough nights.
    Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings

  7. My name is Carol too. Mostly I worry about my children. I have 2 grown daughters, so at night when it's time to extinguish my brain, I imagine myself lying in a gently rocking row boat sometimes trailing one hand in the water, then I imagine them on distant points of land one on each side of the body of water I'm in and I relax and feel they will have to take care of themselves as no one can reach me. Funny huh? CM