Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Giving Back - The Pink Slipper Project

My heart is full of joy and excitement this morning as I think about this heart-warming (and toe warming) project started by Joyce Lucas at Make Mine Pink. "The Pink Slipper Project will be joining hands with Terry Grahl of Enchanted as we offer comfort and support to the women and children at Newhouse in Kansas City, Mo. (, a shelter dedicated to providing new beginnings to abused women and their children. Our challenge is a big one but one I'm sure we can meet. The girls at Make Mine Pink and Quilt 'n' Stitch Marketplace are ready to roll up their sleeves and dust off their sewing machines!"

I just couldn't wait to jump in there and start making slippers. Here are a couple I've made so far. These are made from decorator fabric, but just imagine how adorable they would be in flannel, or fleece, or cute cottons. I encourage all you sewers and non-sewers alike to participate. The pattern is soooooooo easy - I am not kidding. Anyone can make them.

Stop over at and download the pattern and get to work. I know you'll enjoy yourself too. Won't you help us meet this make this challenge a success?

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